Monday, October 13, 2008

the emmy photos: roger bean

this is roger bean. he's fondling swoozie kurtz's emmy.

swoozie kurtz has been nominated for nine emmy awards, but she's won only once, for an appearance on carol burnett's short-lived 1990 series "carol and company." roger has not been nominated for an emmy award (yet) but has several l.a. ovation awards, a bowling trophy from a 1977 kenosha bowl-a-thon for muscular dystrophy, and a swimming medal from the sixth grade.


  1. Roger will be getting an Emmy soon for writing...and Swoozie will be receiving one for 'Pushing Daisies.' Hilarious.

    Eureka...Roger should WRITE for 'Daisies!' Hire the man NOW!

  2. Yes, Pushing Daises.... The Musical! Roger should definitely write for the show! -jbc


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