Sunday, October 12, 2008

the emmy photos: katy blake

katy blake with the original inspiration: my friend barry's emmy.

friends have started sending me photos of themselves with emmy awards. taunting me, i suppose. "look, here i am with an emmy" or "i have an emmy, do you?" it's funny. i guess they think i'll be jealous or something. huh.


  1. Yes, but do they have THE Emmy? I think I do...hmmm...

  2. what's katy blake's story, tony? how do you know her? do you know her? what's her Emmy for?

    inquisitive minds (mind) want to know.

  3. it's my friend barry's emmy.

    katy blake is an l.a. based singer/actress. we worked together in milwaukee, doing "the spitfire grill". i've gone back and included a link for her in the post.

    her best work, however, can be seen in my friend barry's emmy, part VII: ""i want an emmy" as the smart girl you go camping with (but you're afraid to kiss her.)"

    her emotional reading of "get help, get help now" turned the line into a pop culture catch phrase, used in modern speech as often as "you lookin' at me?" "there's no place like home" and "don't be a scare-baby!"

  4. wait - isn't "Spitfire Grill" the one you did in Milwaukee? the one i saw? what part did she play?


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