Friday, October 17, 2008

the emmy photos: jeff ircink

jeff ircink giving bruce johnson's emmy awards a smooch.

both of bruce johnson's emmy awards are for the children's animated television series "tutenstein." jeff is an actor, playwright, blogger, and closet republican who resides in california for the time being. he is an avid fisherman, a bit of a curmudgeon, and has a massive man-crush on brett favre. in high school jeff was awarded the patty villa award, and could not hold his liquor at newspaper layout parties.


  1. i sooooo love you, tony. ohhhh the good times we had at your newspaper layout parties! closet republican? perhaps. anyone reading this, i have to comment on how much i admire tony's passion for his politics (democrat, liberal) and the fact that he is well-read on many, many political matters. his fervor (for politics) is an inspiration to me.

    three things i am EXTREMELY LIBERAL on: 1) the arts - for which i've heard nothing on by either McCain or Obama, 2) the legalization of marijuana, and 3) the need to revamp, reenergize and reignite our educational system.

    be well (and safe) in Japan, my friend. and GO JETS! GO FAVRE IN 2008!

  2. Guess your friend is out of the closet now, and with the viciousness of the liberal, Obama-loves on the left, that was a huge disservice on your part.

    As an actress who has had to keep her politics to herself, I have witnessed the ugliness.

    I consider myself a moderate (I'm obviously po-Arts, Unions etc) but the few differences I have with my party are not enough to vote for Obama.

  3. incognito

    listen, i know what it's like to be in the closet. to be scared to tell your friends how you really feel. i'm a big homo. i spent plenty of time staying shut up about stuff for fear i'd be chastized and told i was evil and wrong and going to hell. just like being a republican.

    and you're so right. my outing of my friend was vicious, and a huge disservice to the hundreds of closet republicans cowering in alleys and hiding under bridges because they're too scared to have their views challenged by scary democrats.

    i am actually hoping to send my friend jeff to a camp near tuscon, arizona where they hook republicans up to electrodes and shock them while showing them photographs of richard nixon, george w. bush, newt gingrich, ann coulter and rush limbaugh. (they used to use a sean hannity photo too, but they found that it just turned people gay.)

    really. jeff is one of my oldest and dearest friends. for you to hop on in and suggest anyone's being vicious for a friendly little poke is just plain silly. and if you wanna talk vicious, well: this is vicious.

    most sincerely: i promise you, if we ever work together (which is unlikely, since i've quit show business a dozen times or so) i will be more than willing to talk to you about anything and everything, keep an open mind, always be honest, treat you with respect, and try to keep the conversation less than ugly.



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