Sunday, October 26, 2008

battle for the planet of no more

i've been a little lax with the no more blog lately. partly because the flood of conservatives/republicans supporting barack obama (and distancing themselves from john mccain or the mccain campaign) has become, well, overwhelming.

but let's at least add these three four five newbies:
  • william weld, former republican governor of massachusetts.
  • charles fried, former solicitor general for president ronald reagan.
  • ken adleman, lifelong conservative republican and member of former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld's defense policy board.
  • colin powell (i know, better late than never.)
  • larry pressler, former republican senator from south dakota.
remember, the no more blog is there for you to forward to your moderate republican uncle who is on the fence and needs that extra little bit of information to make a decision before november 4th. it's a list of 25 27 former mccain supporters, conservatives, or republicans who have spoken out publicly against john mccain, his running mate, or his campaign, and includes short bios, links, and quotes for each.

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