Wednesday, October 1, 2008

an angry, bitter man

the des moines register has posted video clips of it's editorial board interview with senator john mccain. it doesn't take long to see what an angry, bitter man this is. take a look.

watch the rest here.


  1. i don't see "angry" or "bitter". he answered the reporter's question and she (the reporter) keeps asking him and baiting him. the media sucks.

  2. remember, "the media" you're talking about here, jeff, is the des moines register. certainly not a bastion of conservative thought, but also not part of the aforementioned "northeast liberal media elite." last i looked, iowa is not necessarily part of the northeast.

    i seem to remember you wanting to be part of "the media," i.e. a journalism student, no? in fact, being a blogger, aren't you part of "the new media?"

    personally, my friend, i want a media that asks follow up questions, and digs for answers. in fact, i wish this iowa reporter would have gone further, and sited a few of the conservatives that have spoken out against mccain's campaign and his running mate. like george will. or david brooks. or kathleen parker. or chuck hagel. or the wall street journal.

    (actually, the list goes on and on.)

    the fact that i see someone who is arrogant, angry and bitter and you see someone who is politely answering a question is one thing. but a strong ballsy media who's not afraid to ask tough questions and ask them again and again is something i once wanted to be part of, and today i wish we had more of.

  3. Well said Tony. The media sucks? The fortunate, precious few who do get through the barricades to actually question McCain or Palin (in her case, two or three reporters TOTAL since her nomination) sure as hell ought to ask as many questions as they can and ask them over and over until we get a straight answer from the so-called straight talk express. The media sucks? It certainly has limitations and problems, but where else you gonna' get news? Talk radio?

  4. I fundamentally and categorically disapprove of that message.


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