Wednesday, October 1, 2008

all sarah, all the time!

sarah palin's debating skills are being debated everywhere today! several major news outlets (or the northeastern media elite, as they've come to be known) are warning us to be prepared! because she's so much better at this than we think she is! (and she is...sort of.)

the warnings range from "she has the ability to be dominant", to "the ability to attack without seeming angry", with a little "she demonstrated fluency on certain subjects" thrown in for good measure. "she is a more formidable adversary than is widely thought", and oh, "she's able to master the thrust-and-parry of jousting". whew!

and if today is the first day you've seen any of this footage, you will be surprised. the woman in these videos (the alaskan gubernatorial debates and more) does not seem to be the same woman who said, after a long, uncomfortable, i have no idea what you're talking about pause, "in what respect, charrrlie?"

of course, she was vastly more comfortable with the issues being discussed here. and that may be a factor in her performance on thursday. but i think we all should be prepared to have a very grumpy day on friday because, let's be honest – they didn't call her sarah barracuda for nothin', eh!?

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  1. About her whole, "I'm going to represent Joe Six Pack" crap - I grew up with Joe Six Pack. He couldn't run to the corner for a beer without help, let alone run a country.



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