Friday, September 5, 2008


i remember with great fondness a familiar sight from my childhood: my grampa schultz dead asleep in front of a blinking television set. it was usually thanksgiving or easter, after the big meal. wander into the living room and there was frank – head tilted back, mouth wide open, catching flies and sawing wood – with a football game playing in the background. or a charlie brown special (if i'd gotten to the set.)

tonight, grampa was on the tv and i'm the one who fell asleep.

one thing i did hear as i drifted in and out of consciousness (dreaming about salmon fishing, mooseburgers, and homeless polar bears) was something about stopping the rancor, divisiveness and partisan attacks that are commonplace in washington, d.c.

but what was that we heard for 37 minutes last night in minneapolis, mn?

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