Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yelling at the telly

a couple of things that are making me yell at the television this morning.

first of all, john mccain continues to say we shouldn't "affix blame" for the bailout bill's failure (although yesterday grampa said "fix blame") while in the same breath blaming obama, democrats, nancy pelosi, or all three. could someone please call him on that before one of the shoes i'm throwing actually hits the t.v?

and second, do we elect a senator or congressman to do what's best for us, or to represent us in a the most literal sense? what kind of position do these elected officials find themselves in when they honestly feel this bailout is the only real option but their constituents are phoning "100 to 1" to say don't vote for it?

it seems obvious that much of this back and forth is happening because we are basically leader-less. if we had a president with any "political capital," or a president voters trusted and listened to, he could have explained this economic crisis in terms we'd understand, asked passionately for our support, and we might have actually given it.

sadly, that's not the situation we're in.

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