Monday, September 29, 2008

what a week that was

no matter which candidate you support in this election, you have to admit that is a ridiculously fascinating time in american politics. i find it difficult to tear myself away.
  • sarah and tina: sarah palin did another interview, with katie couric. tina fey did another snl turn, only this time it was a little less funny because the entire palin situation is less funny and much more frightening. (only a little less funny, though.)
  • suspension of disbelief: john mccain said he was suspending his campaign to rush back to washington to solve the economic crisis. only he didn't actually suspend his campaign (his television ads kept running and his surrogates were still out there attacking obama.)
  • dissed and pissed: mccain dissed and pissed off david letterman and got two or more days of bad press because of it, and letterman got some of his best ratings in years.
  • the big hubbub: mccain first suggested, and then sat in a big crisis meeting and said basically zip, more than likely because he doesn't really understand any of it. shortly thereafter he began positioning himself as the man who swooped in to "save the bailout bill."
  • i'm not i won't okay: there was a debate which one candidate was refusing to attend, but in the end decided to show up. (can we just admit that the man is a drama queen?) i thought neither candidate won, but the american people have overwhelmingly suggested in poll after poll that it was obama's night. and the daily presidential polls seem to indicate the same.
  • the blame game: both candidates supported the huge bailout bill, with mccain claiming credit for the bill's passage even before it passed. when the bill was defeated by the house and the stock market dropped over 700 points in one day (the largest one-day drop ever in the history of our country) mccain announced that now was not the time to place blame and then proceeded to blame obama.
what's next!? well, there's a debate on thursday night...

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  1. Sarah and Tina: Less funny and more frightening because many of SNL's biggest punchlines were actually direct quotes!

    Suspension of disbelief: John McCain was suspending his campaign to rush back to DC solve the economic crisis. Only he didn't suspend his campaign, he didn't rush back to DC, and he didn't solve the economic crisis.


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