Tuesday, September 2, 2008

what we do in this country, part 2

"so then they put him in solitary confinement. for over two years. isolation. incredible heat. beating on a tin roof. a light bulb in his cell burning 24 hours a day. boarded up cell windows blocking any breath of fresh air. the oppressive heat causing boils the size of baseballs under his arms. the outside world limited to what he could see through a crack in the door...

...the guards cracked (his) ribs. broke teeth off at the gums. they cinched a rope around his arms and painfully drew back his shoulders. over four days, every two or three hours the beatings resumed. during one especially fierce beating he fell again breaking his arm. (he) was beaten for communicating with other prisoners, he was beaten for not communicating with so-called peace delegations, he was beaten for not given information during interrogations...

...for five and a half years this went on."
fred thompson
the republican national convention.

no, thompson was not talking about a prisoner a guantánamo bay. he was not talking about the torture practices of the bush/cheney administration.

but he could have been.

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