Monday, September 1, 2008

super mom?

i've read quite a few blog comments from mothers chiding sarah palin's decision to accept the request to be the republican vice-presidential nominee while at the same time having to care for five children, including a four month old with down syndrome. is it irresponsible? can she really do it?

i have no idea how any mother balances career and raising a child (much less four or five.) my own mother raised four kids and sometimes couldn't run the dishwasher, much less run for office. so. my hat's off.

but what about a mother who has to not only care for her own five children, including a special needs child, but also has a 17-year old who, in about four months, will have a baby of her own? all this while being part of a presidential campaign.

but wait.

would i ask the same question of male politician?

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