Monday, September 8, 2008

say what?

in november, tuesdays will be a year old. this blog has undergone some shifts and changes over that time. it began as a japan travelogue of sorts (remember kayobi is japanese for tuesday.) and has grown to include lots of politics, music, current events, and even olivia newton-john videos.

something i've loved over the last few months is the growing number of comments and commenters. there are now what i might call the old standbys: the folks that often have something to add, or a new point of view to share. love it. keep it up.

if you're out there, no matter whether you visit regularly or this is your first time, if you have something to say, don't be shy. join in the conversation. you can post your thoughts anonymously if you like, but why not use a first name – even if it's someone else's? (you don't need to sign up for anything.) if you have your own blog or a google account, you can use that too.

one last word: this is my blog. if i think comments are inappropriate, out of line, or offensive in any way, i'll delete them. watch me. that's only happened once or twice though.

so c'mon! let's talk!

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  1. Well now I'm just trying to think of something wildly inappropriate, out of line or offensive in some way...


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