Tuesday, September 16, 2008

runnin' with the devil, part 2

more on the j.b. van hollen lawsuit in wisconsin. nathan adds:
To me it's part of a greater movement that has been going on now for the last several election cycles of targeted disenfranchising certain voters from heavily democratic districts in key battleground states. The Help America Vote Act should be renamed the Suppress Americans Vote Act.

I monitored some polls during the last presidential election and it was very clear to me then that The Republicans have targeted certain districts for voter challenges.

They wait until they see a large line forming in these heavily democratic districts, then they jump in and challenge a vote at the polls which then slows down the progression of the cue. People end up standing in lines longer sometimes up to several hours and then people leave the line because they need to get to work or have other business to attend to.

It is shady, (and) it is downright dirty and shameful. Out of all of the challenged votes during the 2004 election there were only a few that were truly illegal.

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