Friday, September 12, 2008

the reviews are in, part 2

reviews of governor palin's interview continue to pour in. many collected here, via the politico. i wanna see these lines painted on the side of a bus...
"She had me at hello Charley-- had me scared to death!"
– Norman J. Ornstein
American Enterprise Institute
"If she holds up...she could be a transformative woman in American history. If not, we will all be disappointed!"
– Zach Wamp
Rep. (R-Tenn.)
"A political consultant's dream, but a citizen's nightmare!"
– Kenneth Baer
Co-Editor, Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
"She did reasonably well for her first big interview...and she’s likely to get better!"
– Whit Ayres
Republican strategist
of course, i picked out the bad ones. there were so many to choose from.

my sense is that watching this interview is akin to watching your mom or your next-door neighbor perform in the local community theater production of "my fair lady"; if she's your mom or your next-door neighbor, she probably got you comp tickets, you probably sent some flowers backstage to her dressing room, and in the end, you'll meet her at the stage door and tell her she did "awsome!"

if she's not your mom or your neighbor, you're a lot less likely to give her a pass, or the benifit of the doubt, and you see through all the nerves and smiles and twitches to what's really there – a person reciting lines that she doesn't quite understand.


  1. Oh, Tony. My favorite was when she didn't understand the question, had to have it repeated, and then when she tried to answer it (with a lie) and got called out (on the fact that she was lying) and THEN... and THEN... claimed that she had great foreign policy experience, what with Russia being so close to Alaska and all - you can practically see it from her window! But wait - you mean that doesn't count as experience? Seriously now - What you talkin' bout, Willis??
    - Jaime

  2. Honestly, as I was watching her body posture and gesticulations, coupled with her tone of speech, I was reminded of people I know with forms of schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder. No offense to my schizophrenic or bi-polar friends.


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