Sunday, September 7, 2008

pray away the gay

a few years back, i had a nice little reunion with an old friend from high school. we hadn't seen each other for years, so there was a lot of catching up to do. despite the fact that i mentioned how happy i was with my partner of many years, she sent an email a few weeks later that included a cryptic message: "i know someone who can help you."

through mutual friends, i later learned what she had in mind: seems there was this church. in colorado.

now, i hear that sarah palin and this old friend of mine might have similar beliefs: i can be cured of my homosexuality by jesus christ.


  1. Sent this to everyone I know.

  2. If you pray hard enough, teen lesbians can become straight pregnant teens.

    Amy in Milwaukee

  3. I've tried this in reverse and it just doesn't work! Tom Welling is NEVER gonna be gay, no matter HOW hard I pray!

  4. Are others just jealous & bothered by your magnificent self???....Please continue to inspire us Tony! :)

  5. I still think you might find a nice girl to settle down with someday. I mean you can't count it out, especially if you consider yourself open minded.... right?

  6. I have been a blog stalker of sorts...(not sure how I got here, but I've read your blog a few times) This one made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. I'm still chuckling... If you want, the masses could pray for you.... (to find new friends)


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