Monday, September 1, 2008

palin comparison

the blog world has lit up with all things sarah:
  • she's involved in an abuse-of-power investigation in alaska (troopergate!)
  • cindy mccain (echoing fox news anchor steve doocy) thinks sarah has some kind of national security experience simply because alaska is close to russia (no, seriously.)
  • and the biggest, scariest story of all? the questions surrounding her down syndrome baby: some pretty reputable bloggers (and commenters) are investigating the suggestion that the baby is actually not palin's child, but her teenage daughter's (the details of the story are fairly compelling, but boy – if it's not true, "left-wing" bloggers just appear rabid to attack, turning palin into a "victim".)
UPDATE – 2:15 am: andrew sullivan and others now point to this photograph as evidence that the water-break-gate story is false. fascinating stuff though, the way the blogs picked this up and what happened to the story in such a short amount of time.

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