Friday, September 26, 2008

nose as long as a telephone wire

i don't think they rise (or sink) to the level of "he wants to teach your pre-schooler sex education," but the obama campaign has been running some television ads in the last two weeks that do a little more than stretch the truth. and they should stop.

not only does it make the outrage that many of us felt about mccain's deceitful campaign ads seem unfounded and silly, it tarnishes obama's credulity in general.

no matter how different or "new" he is, i've never had any doubt that barack obama is a politician, and a chicago politician at that. but the campaign had showed some restraint in this type of advertising. make no mistake, i want him to get down in the dirt and wrestle and dig and claw and scratch if he has to, in order to win.

i still think that can all be done with honesty and integrity.

(not sure who's bending your ear, pulling your leg, or just plain lying through his teeth anymore?,, and the washington post's factchecker are all good, fairly neutral places to start.)

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  1. Agreed -- the truth is horrible enough, why grasp at straws? I do want him to whup ass when necessary though. Just don't lie about it.

    (The more subtle point is that electing McCain is effectively electing Rush Limbaugh's point of view in general, even if they differ in some specifics. I don't know if that is what they were trying to say in the immigration spot, and I don't want to excuse it for being stupid.)

    Amy H.


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