Monday, September 1, 2008

more on palin

tom brokaw posed the palin question quite well this morning, on meet the press.
"She has been governor less than two years and before that she was a mayor of a town with a population of less than 7,000. Her candidate at the top of the ticket has...the constitution of a bull elephant, but he is a 72-year-old man and a cancer survivor.

She will be a heartbeat away from the presidency. This country is engaged in two wars, it's facing a resurgent Russia, a rogue Iran, a financial crisis that may be the greatest since the Great Depression.

I think our viewers want to know
what's in her background that prepares her for dealing with all that and the possibility that she would have to step up into the Oval Office?"
as part of his answer, governor tim pawlenty (reportedly furious for not being chosen as mccain's veep candidate) had this brilliant observation of palin's grasp of the nation's economic situation:
" addition to her role as governor, being somebody who is dealing with the economy successfully, by the way, in Alaska, she's also somebody who has, has a background, that's, you know, lived the life that, that we talk about.

We talk about people sitting around the kitchen table and balancing a budget with a family and having to worry about meeting--making ends meet economically. She and her family have actually done that. I would say that's pretty good preparation for understanding and relating to the economic needs of average Americans."

palin and her family have sat around the kitchen table and balanced the family budget and have worried about making ends meet. this is something that qualifies her to be – no, not vice-president, the question was about being a heartbeat away from the presidency – this qualifies her to be president? president? of. the. united. states?


okay, but what about that "obama doesn't have any experience either" argument?

barack obama has over ten years experience in public office, eight years in the illinois state senate, nearly four years as a united states senator where serves on three of the four committees that deal with foreign policy.

sarah palin?

well, she just got her passport in 2007...does that count?

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