Monday, September 8, 2008

lonely ol' joe

joe biden campaigned in green bay, wisconsin today.

all by himself. alone.

just joe, up nort' der in da badger state. no barack obama to keep him company, to coddle him, to share a brat with, to keep him from going off script.

joe spoke to a group of wisconsinites by himself. barack, it seems, was busy talking to voters in farmington hills, michigan. only about 290 miles as the crow flies, but a whole great lake between them.

when do you think little sarah palin will do that – campaign by herself? or she not ready? (oh but she's ready to be the president if grampa keels over.)

maybe an even better question right now would be, when do you think they'll let john mccain campaign by himself again? without his new running mate at his side? how big do you think those crowds would be if it was just gramps? it might be kinda embarrassing to find out folks are more interested in listening to a hockey mom than a real live p.o.w. (it's much more fun to hear about shooting animals from helicopters than to hear those icky torture stories again anyway.)

and what if lil' sarah headed a rally somewhere and got asked a question? one she didn't know how to answer, like "what is senator mccain's position on (fill in the blank with pretty much any one of his positions)?" that might be uncomfortable, huh?

but tomorrow, good ol' joe is going to be out there all by himself again.

poor guy. he must get awful lonely.


  1. great great great... i love you tony. keep going.

  2. If McCain, had been allowed to pick Joe Lieberman like he wanted to, he would at least have somebody around to remind him of the difference between Sunni and Shi'a.



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