Tuesday, September 2, 2008

keep it stupid, stupid

tonight on hardball with chris matthews, republican strategist michelle bernard made the best argument i've heard so far for why people will find they relate to sarah palin over barack obama. bernard says she's heard this from people:
"...we really loved barack obama’s speech, but he speaks with really big words. and when they listened to governor palin speaking she spoke in very simple, short sentences that a lot of middle americans felt they could relate to."
you know, those big words can be frustrating. running to the dictionary every couple of minutes can be tiring, if you even own a dictionary. if you live in "middle america" you probably don't. and maybe those simple, short sentences will come in handy should palin ever have to meet with ahmadinejad or putin.

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  1. Wow. Stupid and patronizing at the same time. And yet, I'm guessing Matthews gave it a pass...


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