Tuesday, September 9, 2008

hit me with your best shot

last night on countdown with keith olbermann, olbermann asked barack obama "Have you thought of using on the campaign trail and in your speaking engagements, more exclamation points? Have you thought of getting angrier?"

here was obama's non-angry answer:
Well, I'll tell you what, with two months to go, I think everybody needs to feel a sense of urgency.

You know, when I hear John McCain suggest that he is going to bring about change, I am reminded of the cartoon that Tom Toles did in "The Washington Post" where he has McCain say: "Watch out, George Bush, with the exception of the economy, tax policy, foreign policy, health care policy, education policy, and Karl Rove politics, we're really going to shake things up in Washington."

i have no idea who tom toles is. neither does my dad. sorry to show my/our ignorance about political cartoonists. and i get the point, but i don't need to hear that obama thinks i need to feel a sense of urgency – i already feel it. i need him to feel it, and show it. not frustration, or anger, but urgency.

during his convention speech in denver, obama described the struggle and troubles of average americans, and then added, with great enthusiasm:
"Tonight I say to the American people, to Democrats and Republicans and independents across this great land — ENOUGH!"
there's an exclamation point. there's urgency. that should be the campaign's new slogan: enough!

i don't need a pitbull with lipstick. in fact, i see pitbulls on the street and think "why would anyone want one of those? they're ugly and mean and in-bred." lipstick can't cover that up.

obama has the nerve, the wit and the intelligence to land a punch smartly, and honestly.

he just needs to do it.


  1. And he will. The debates, I feel, will show that. Right now the coverage is not broad enough that he needs to show urgency in his interviews - once the nation is truly watching, I think he will show us what we need to see. I hope, anyway.

    Have you seen his stuff with Bill O'Reilly? I was very proud of him. You can't fight the angry people with anger. It doesn't work, and I think he shows that. Let Palin and McCain work themselves up. The smoke is still clearing from her coming out party. There's plenty left to learn.

  2. It seemed that he was almost about to say, "That's a lie," last night and then he changed it to something less inflammatory. My husband was yelling at the screen, "Say it! It's a LIE!"

  3. bt, you're right about the o'reilly interview. he needs to do more of THIS.

  4. This also just came my way. Toward the end it talks about his passion, which doubtless is displayed throughout his stumping.

  5. Couldn't agree with you more on the pitbull comments!! Is that really something to brag about? Look where the pitbull/bully mentality has gotten us so far!


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