Monday, September 15, 2008

be scared! be really, really scared!

i find it fascinating that folks who live the furthest from new york and washington, d.c. (where those planes flew into buildings, remember?) are so quick to use 9/11 to scare the crap out of people for political gain.

check out this yard sign, from a jacksonville, florida front yard, outside a john mccain campaign event. see the cute little graphic? (click on it if you can't see it, and make it real big!)

the sign is from the good folks at the ronald reagan republican assembly of central florida (better known as the rrracf. i guess.) what's their response, when they hear that people might find this sign, mmm... kinda distasteful?
"It is they who are ashamed. It is they who want Americans to forget. They will say they otherwise, but they will be lying. They are the ones who took the images of 9/11 off your TV, not us."
the "they" they are referring to are "liberals who want to forget 9/11." i suppose when you live 700 miles from the pentagon, and 900 miles from ground zero, you tend to forget what happened on 9/11. luckily, those of us who live in manhattan have a great big hole in the ground to remind us! we don't need yard signs.

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  1. how about the fact that given the economy (which continues to plummet daily) people STILL think McCain/Palin might do a better job.


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