Thursday, August 21, 2008

utterly wimpy

theda skocpol nails it at talking points memo.

on the last month of the campaign:
"The last month has been excruciating for Obama supporters, watching him and his campaign squander so many hopes and resources on an utterly wimpy campaign."
on the saddleback civil forum:
"You don't go into Saddleback and give a ridiculous, distanced, abstract, evasive, talmudic answer to the abortion question you knew was coming! You look the television camera/voters in the eye and crisply explain your own personal moral perspective in clear, plain language..."
on going after mccain:
"Make the really obvious point that no candidate for President at this time can really be putting country first if he runs a dirty, lying campaign of false smears..."
and on a veep choice:
"I never expected to believe this --it might be time to turn to Hillary. She is at least a fighter, and this election really matters to a lot more than you and her."
read the entire post here.

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