Sunday, August 24, 2008

quick thoughts on a sunday morning


i like him.  always have.  look, my knowledge of politics doesn't go terribly deep, despite my willingness to throw opinions out there whenever i feel riled up.  but i have always watched biden and seen a man who just talks (and talks and talks.)  i don't hear lot's of political blah-de-blah, you know?  "well, let me say this about that and tell you about these and those while i take this time to think of what my answer should be and now that we know these facts and now that this game plan is in place i can finally get to the heart of your question which by this time i've forgotten anyway."  i like a politician who says "the answer is yes and let me tell you why." that way if i don't care about the why, i can change the channel.  and biden's "verbal gaffe" tendency, i think, is a result of his being straightforward and honest. 


i liked it.  (so many people have asked.)  i liked it a lot.  it made me laugh, it made me tear up a little (i'm a sap) and i think "dancing queen" is a wonderful moment on stage, and on film too.  i had a great time.  but then remember, i saw it in a theater packed with mamma-mia-philes – a totally different experience than seeing it with a small group of civilians in peoria.  and a good friend who's in the broadway company (who was there that preview night as well) saw the movie again a few weeks later with family in the midwest and said, "it doesn't hold up." 


why are teenage girls from new jersey so exhausted!?  they come (in droves) to the palace theater to buy a t-shirt or a hoodie (and to see some show, i guess) and while seeming to struggle to stay awake, sort of move their lips and make a low whiney noise while rolling their eyes toward the ceiling.  something about a shirt.  then their mothers (also exhausted) mumble something.  something motherly like "she wants a shirt."  maybe they're so tired from putting on all that eye make-up, or smacking that gum so incessantly.   seriously, i don't know how these girls have enough energy to bathe even, much less put on those pink sack dresses and four inch spike heels that make them look so classy. (come to think of it, i know some people who live in new jersey, and they're not exhausted.  maybe it's a teen thing...)

(hat tip: rob)

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