Monday, August 25, 2008


this video hurts my soul. 

debra bartoshevich is from my hometown of waterford, wisconsin.  she was a pledged delegate for hillary clinton who is now not only supporting, but doing political commercials for john mccain.  (ooo, did you see deb on teevee?!)

does she have any idea what john mccain stands for, and what he will do to this country?  how many sons does she have to send to war, do you think?  'cause we're gonna need 'em.  sons from wisconsin.  sons of my friends and my family.  my own nephew, perhaps. 

but, deb tells us, "a lot of democrats will vote mccain," and then reassures (oh so cute!) "it's okee.  really."  (far be it from me to point out a major wisconsin accent, but does deb have one? oh ya der, hey!)

there's nothing wrong with having strong beliefs, with having the courage of your convictions. i just find it difficult to believe that anyone who seriously supported hillary clinton for president and has voted democratic all of their life could possibly vote republican for president at this time in our history and after the last eight years.  

and not just any republican.  this one.

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