Monday, July 28, 2008

on, wisconsin!

or...reasons to (not) be proud of your home state.

1. debra bartoshevich
is not only from wisconsin, but from my hometown of waterford. the 41-year-old nurse and mom of two told the milwaukee journal sentinel that after hillary clinton dropped out of the presidential race, she decided she would vote for sen. john mccain, not sen. barack obama. that's all well and good, except that dear old debra was a pledged democratic delegate.

2. keith walendowski just wanted to mow his stupid lawn on friday. that's all. just mow the damn stupid lawn. and maybe have a few beers before lunch. but then something terrible happened: the damn mower wouldn't start. just would not start. so he shot it. shot the mower with a gun. which might have been fine, if he hadn't used a sawed-off shotgun.

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