Friday, July 4, 2008

not for lack of tryon

it's not a terribly long bike ride, and i've done it before, always stopping just short of my goal. but today i actually biked up to and into ft. tryon park.

rob and i made the eleven mile round trip today along the west side bike path, most of which is lovely and quiet and travels next to the hudson river, but for a short time takes you through what can best be described as the domincan republic picnic. suddenly there are people everywhere. and the smells, oh my god. meat cooking on charcoal grills, being sold from carts, and eventually rotting in dumpsters. tons of music, blaring from car speakers in the parking lot. merengue, hip-hop, salsa, and other loud latin music all competing for your eardrums.

and families. plenty of families.

anyone in my own family would be very uncomfortable along that short stretch of the bike path. i've never felt anything but welcome. in fact, it reminds me a bit of cookouts in my own backyard on loland drive, just outside of waterford, wisconsin. i'd bet we could pull over to any one of these family gatherings and be welcomed like neighbors.

and when we got to ft. tryon i thought, "why did it take me two years to see this?"

the little spec at the bottom of that archway – the little thing on the bike – is rob. (click on the picture twice and you'll get a better look.)

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