Friday, July 18, 2008

don't i know you?

interesting when two friends meet...

i went to waterford union high school with blogger jeff ircink (passion=truth) who now lives in l.a. and works as an actor, playwright, and...what else is it you do jeff? jeff's a published playwright (and a good one) who in his spare time fishes, smokes, and has a major man-crush on brett favre. (yes, straight men can have crushes on other straight men without thinking about penis.)

i've worked in milwaukee theater with blogger jonathan west (artsy schmartsy) many, many times, and i actually just saw him in a wonderful production of tally's folly at milwaukee chamber theater. over the years, jon's been an actor, a director, a writer, run a theater company of his own...and i'm sure there's more. these days, he's also a devoted father and spouse.

two days ago, jeff and i had a delightful phone conversation about the recent brett favre "i'm retired -- no i'm not!" debacle, easily summed up in two lines:
tony: it makes that weepy news conference seem like bullshit.
jeff: he changed his mind, it happens all the time.
this morning, i realized these two old friends were already having this conversation...


  1. what a hoot! so, tony. tell me why mary-louise schumacher doesn't have any pictures online except for the one on her art blog. i think i have a tiny crush on her (she's involved, i know).

  2. I'm weeping. High school chums, me, and the internet. Get a hair cut Jeff. I'm just jealous because I'm a balding middle aged dude.


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