Monday, July 14, 2008

barry's emmy, part X: send it back

An ominous voicemail from barry in the the last episode, and some sage advice from sal the bartender in this one can lead a responsible person to only one possible solution regarding the stolen emmy...


  1. Genious. Very "What's Up Doc?" at the end. Will Ryan O'Neal show up in his pajamas at some point? How about Madeleine Kahn?

  2. Funny!!!!
    Phony coffee... CLASSIC :)
    I'm enjoying these!

  3. And if you haven't seen this yet ...

    Check it out!

  4. Oh Rob!
    Seriously. "Phoney Coffee" Brilliant...and STUPID.
    Okay..about episode NINE (finally) Laurie Wells might deserve an Emmy for her part in this episode. Fan-freakin' tastic! Always give an actor an independent activity. Always!
    Anyhoo! Where the hell did the shear pink panties come from?...and...can I borrow them? Seriously.


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