Tuesday, June 24, 2008

warning: homosexual kissing

i was delighted to find this gift in my email this morning. it's another action alert from dear old don wildmon at american family association (not to be confused with american family insurance, another friend of mine.) don and his kin got their undies in a bundle over this television commercial from england. here's what he says about it (my comments in parenthesis):
June 24, 2008

Dear ,
(after all this time don still can't remember my name. bitch.)

I thought you might be interested in seeing the Heinz ad featuring a homosexual family and two homosexuals kissing. (only two?)

The ad features a "homosexual family," referring to one of the men as "mum." (for the record, i never call my partner mum. sweety, moonface, punkin, girlfriend, and pandabear yes. but never mum.)

We suggest you forward this to all your family and friends letting them know of the push for homosexual marriage by Heinz. (i'm blogging about it!) This ad is currently running in England, but no doubt can be expected in the u.s. soon. (no doubt. right after we recruit all of your children, starting with the wildmon klan. oops, clan.) It is the kind of ad which we can expect to see in California (we? wildmon you loonbag, you live in mississippi or something!) as they prepare to vote on homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is illegal in England. (don't follow your logic there, wildy.)

Love and Hugs,

Wide-Stance Wildmon
okay, i added that last part. wildman wildmon also includes this:
Make a phone call to Heinz. Their corporate headquarters' phone number is 412-456-5700 and their toll-free number is 800-255-5750.

i think that's a great idea! let that giganto corporation know that we absolutely love their ketchup on our dogs, and we strongly support their obvious push for gay homos to take over the world, one weiner at a time.

UPDATE 6/26/08 -- homophobia in action: the wildmon crew was successful in pressuring heinz to pull the ad in the u.k. (heinz says it received "over 200 complaints" about the ad. i find that sort of encouraging; i think i can handle 200 people hating me because of how god made me. and hey, i've received 200 complaints before, but haven't pulled anything.)

in response to the 200 frightened heterosexuals wildmon was able to scare up, an online petition to reinstate the ad is underway and already has nearly 7000 signatures. you can sign it here. and please do.

okay ted, let's go to the video:


  1. A guy who makes deli sammiches to order and talks in New Yorkese? Heck, I'd marry him. I mean, it'd be nice if he shaved and all...

  2. One wiener at a time~ love it
    Thanks for the smiles today!

    ~from Wisconsin~


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