Friday, June 13, 2008

tim russert dies

for someone who follows politics fairly closely, this is shocking, sad news. russert was 58 years old.

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  1. I dunno, is it such a shock that this overweight, highly stressed, workaholic blows a gasket and dies at age 58? Yes, like many, I really, really liked and respected Tim Russert at his craft - good guy and all that. But if there were one of those "death pools" going for network news guys - he would have had my vote. He looked pretty ragged the last six months or so...who's next?

    And, I probably missed the big announcement, but when did we turn the corner, where a "newsie" captures so much of the popular conscience/affection? Is it self-adulation by the news folks? Yes, but that doesn't explain the sustaining nature of this (day 4 of national mourning, and still going strong). Is it just so gosh darn rare that Russert wasn't a complete dickhead, and was actually LIKED by coworkers, viewers, etc., and THAT is newsworthy? I'm not sure how that gets you a road named after you in Buffalo, but it is a pretty dramatic statement, eh?

    So Russert gets a road in Buffalo, does that mean?
    - "greater than 100" will be now taught to schoolkids as a Williard Scott?
    - South Dakota will be renamed Brokaw-land?
    - Men over 50, will be required at their annual checkups to have their colons examined via a "Katie Couric" procedure?


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