Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the sanctity of june sixteenth

as of monday, june 16, 2008, same-sex couples in california could legally marry under state law. (same-sex couples are not eligible, however, for any marriage rights under federal law.) 

monday, june 16, 2008 also happened to mark eight years that my partner rob and i have been in a committed relationship.

a heterosexual couple that met yesterday and marries tonight will have a marriage that, in the eyes of many conservative christian folk, carries more weight and is more worthy than my relationship will ever be.

even if the opposite-sex couple only stays together for a couple of months, or a couple of minutes. even if they never have children, or intend to have children. even if they are agnostic, or atheist. even if their relationship is marred by constant abuse and adultery. their union is certainly no threat to the "sanctity of marriage." 

but mine would be.

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