Thursday, June 12, 2008

more non-global warming tornados

look. i know global warming has nothing whatsoever to do with the crazy weather we've been having lately. nothing to do with the storms. nothing to do with the flooding. nothing to do with the ice caps melting either. nothing to do with hurricane katrina, nothing to do with drought, nothing to do with the heatwaves, and nothing to do with a tornado sucking up some boy scouts in iowa tonight (is that in the manual?)

but even though global warming has nothing to do with all of it, why shouldn't we clean up good ol' earth? even if you don't believe all the "global warming alarmists" (to quote sean hannity) why wouldn't you want to give future generations – your kids and grand kids (providing they haven't been vacuumed up out of their pup tents by a twister) – glaciers, fresh air, clean water, and polar bears?

when i go to a coffee shop for some java and fancy biscotti (in real life i never say java or eat fancy biscotti) i do my best to clean up when i'm finished. i throw away my trash, i put bottles or cans in the recycling bin, and i wipe off my table. in fact, i've been known to wipe off other tables, even though i have absolutely no food-service experience: never been a waiter, or a bus boy (but there's still time.)

i just like to leave the space i've used as clean as or cleaner than i found it. i think that's a nice thing to do. i know it might not make a difference to the next customer, but it might. so i do a little extra.

can't we stop arguing about whether or not global warming is caused by my can of aqua-net and just clean off the friggin' table for the next guy?

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