Wednesday, June 11, 2008

charlie sykes can blow me

"Have you noticed the lack of whining? We haven’t heard the screams of where are the FEMA trailers... People are not standing on their roof tops wailing for the federal government to come in, (for) the federal taxpayers to bail them out.

There is a huge cultural difference between the people who sit on the porch and wait for people to come and fix (their) house versus... the Midwestern values of the people who are gonna roll up their sleeves... fix those their neighbors and...take care of themselves."

– charlie sykes
milwaukee's wtmj talk show host

comparing wisconsin residents' reaction to the
flooding and flood damage in their state
to louisiana residents' reaction to hurricane katrina.

(katrina: 1,836 people lost their lives.
2008 midwest flooding: 15 deaths.)

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  1. Well, e/c here's the big difference between Katrina and flooding: it was a frickin' HUGE hurricane! Not some, what, 10 inched of rain? I'm not saying people shouldn't "roll up their sleeves" and try to fix stuff, but there comes a time when more help is needed. Flooding is a lot easier to deal with than an entire city underwater.


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