Saturday, May 24, 2008

you were right up there: part two

remember this? a post on those great, but awkward lines heard at the stage door after a show? one of the best i heard after the spitfire grill was actually days ago, in the rehearsal hall, after a somewhat shaky run-thru: "thank you so's gonna be so good." huh. well, what is it now?

the best from last night's opening was not a strained compliment at all, but a very dear conversation with a lovely, older couple. they've been to see so many shows at the skylight theater i don't know how they could possibly keep them all straight. and last night, they didn't.

"we really enjoyed that caving show you did - phil collins" the gentleman said. (i did the adam guettel musical floyd collins at the skylight several years ago. at least he didn't say pink floyd collins.)

"oh yes, we've been fans of yours way back to the old skylight," the woman said (the theater moved into a new space 15 years ago) "ever since we saw your performance in zombies from the beyond."

zombies from the beyond is another show written by my friend james valcq (spitfire's co-author and composer.) it had a successful run at "the old skylight" and also ran off-broadway.

i was not in it.


  1. Zombies ...... Mammas ........ Zombies ....... Mammas ....... who can keep it all straight, Tony?

  2. "Pink Floyd Collins" - an arena-sized musical about a man trapped in a cave with large inflatable pigs! funny...

    BTW, Great article in JSOnline! DJ infers you are angling for more gigs in MKE - that true?

  3. i thought DJ infered i was angling for another gig with MM! which, by the way, i'm not. (depends on how you define "angling," i guess. i certainly wouldn't turn it down. unless i was already going to japan.)

    that was the answer to the question, "would you do MM again?"

    but i'm not waiting by the phone, or campaigning or anything like that.

    brb -- gotta check my messages...


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