Monday, May 12, 2008

you can't make me

plenty of voters supporting hillary clinton in the primaries say they will not vote for barack obama if he ends up being the democratic nominee. "i'll either not vote, or i'll vote for mccain," a woman just admitted on cnn (which is basically the same thing, isn't it -- if it gets mccain elected?)

the woman, interviewed with a group of female clinton supporters, said she never in her lifetime has had the chance to vote for a candidate (clinton) who would fight for literally "all the things that i believe in, for our party and for our country."

but if obama wins the nomination, she's going to vote for a candidate who, within the first year of his presidency, could appoint supreme court justices who would in effect give the court the power to overturn roe v. wade.

(it might be a leap to suggest that since these are women voters, they probably support roe v. wade. it's not such a stretch to suggest that since they are women and staunch hillary clinton supporters, they probably support the historic 1973 ruling.)

there is difference between clinton and obama, yes. but the amount of substantive difference between the two democratic candidates pales in comparison to the differences between them and mccain. still, these women will vote republican if their candidate doesn't win.

are these voters really that uncomfortable with obama, or is this the definition of a sore loser? how many of these women's battles will mccain fight? and how many of their sons will he send to war?


  1. it's interesting, isn't it? i've heard the same thing from some people in the obama camp...that they won't vote for clinton should she win the candidacy.

  2. Part of what the republican party has over the democratic party in this election is that they are unified. As long as the democrats are battling against each other, McCain can just sit back and sail into the white house. We need to learn to unite for a greater good. I'm an Obama supporter all the way-- but if Clinton gets the nomination, I can recognize that we will still be in a better place as a country than if McCain wins.

    So, to all those dems who are feeling slighted by their candidates' primary election progress, recall that old "Brotherhood of Man" song that says: "United we stand, divided we fall/ And if our backs should ever be against the wall/ We'll be together, together you and I."


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