Friday, May 16, 2008

why i quit show business #2

first off, let me say that i'm shocked and dismayed that this is only the second installment of "why i quit show business." but how interesting that it's basically for the same reason as installment #1. last time it was clay aiken in spamalot. this time, it's taylor hicks in grease -- "the soul patrol's gonna invade broadway!"

considering the lead roles in this production were cast via "grease boot camp," this casting is no surprise. keep in mind the last time grease was on broadway, and the rolodex of washed-up stars that happily stumbled through the revolving door of casting (linda blair, chubby checker, debby boone, mickey dolenz, sheena easton, deborah gibson, jasmine guy, al jarreau, lucy lawless, maureen mccormick, mackenzie phillips, joe piscopo...i'm exhausted.) and it's not like washed-up-star-casting doesn't happen in other broadway shows.

yes, pollyanna, it keeps the skit running for another ten minutes. and i haven't seen him, but word is clay aiken is actually pretty good in spamalot. "kind of one-note," a close friend said, "but not bad at all."

but this is what "we" aspire to. this is the gold standard. this is what your family says your whole life -- "when are you gonna be on broadway?"

how do explain an answer like, "blech?"

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  1. Please don't quit. I was a chaperone today for my daughter's school trip to Frog and Toad. God, I hate these shows...I couldn't decide whether to take a lot of valuim or drink a lot of coffee to get through the tedium of the usual.

    I was shocked at how much I liked it. The actors were terrific, the score so good it almost sounded familiar(who wrote this?)and tempo of scenes, perfect.

    It can be maddening at times when we look at the world and see
    mediocrity and sometimes untalented, spot-lighted as if they were truely great. Because of our ever expanding media & internet, it seems few strive to be truely talented in their craft, but merely a 'star'.

    Take comfort in the knowledge that what you do is art. Enjoy the time that you are working, even when it is frustrating, it still must be in some way enjoyable, no?

    Bravo to you! You made my day.
    and btw...

    My family keeps asking me..."Why don't you sell more cds?"


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