Thursday, May 8, 2008

tiny thoughts

this has gotta hurt. but this must feel amazing.

• d'jever drink yesterday's coffee, re-heated in the microwave, and think it sorta tasted like spaghetti-o's? d'jever pee and think it smelled like sugar smacks?

• what is hillary thinking? no, really. she's an incredibly intelligent woman, right? we know that. so there must be something going on there, some reasoning. in the meantime, obama has moved on.

• while i'm busy rehearsing and sort of non-blogging (and am a bit too concerned about a certain person's golden statuette) i would encourage you to check out blogs from my friends jonathan, brett and jeff. (as well as other recommended blogs under visit these sites.)

• and if you have a bit of time (and a bit of interest) please check out kevin and tomoe, an amazing couple who left big-city tokyo to live a self-sustainable life in a small village in japan. their stories are absolutely fascinating, and the photography is stunning.

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