Friday, May 30, 2008

joe watkins can still blow me

back in april, i made this suggestion regarding political talker joe watkins. just to be clear: the offer still stands.

watkins is again on msnbc this afternoon, fumbling and bumbling and not answering david shuster's questions about mccain's flub last night (in milwaukee) saying that "we've drawn down to pre-surge levels" in iraq (pre-surge would be less that 130,000 soldiers -- by august the number is expected to be 140,000, i.e. we have not drawn down to pre-surge levels, nor will we by august.)

when asked directly about this, watkins begins bloviating about how obama hasn't been to iraq. moments later, when asked about it again, watkins bloviates about mccain's service to this country in vietnam. he never once answered the question.

dear joe: this might work when you're standing in front of your 85 parishioners in philadelphia, but when millions are watching, there's at least a few of us who know you're full of crap.

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