Tuesday, May 6, 2008

did you floss today?

some things are important enough to do everyday. like flossing. calling your mother. avoiding those clipboard wielding greenpeace folks in union square. and reading something new on tuesdays.

if you're checking in to tuesdays today because...well, it's tuesday...here's a bit of spanish news: tuesdays is new everyday. okay, almost everyday. the title of this blog, misleading as it is, does not mean that tuesday is the only day there is new stuff here.

the title of this blog refers to the day back to work in the theater; monday is usually the day off. and no matter how much you love playing the third sorority girl from the left in your big hocha broadway show, or how badly you want to get back to doing your splashy tap solo in "all night strut" at the bristol riverside theater...tuesday is still your monday.


  1. You are so funny to keep picking on the Bristol Riverside Theatre...are you in fact picking on them or simply citing them as an example?

  2. i just like the way it sounds.

  3. I think you should include a link to the BRT in your posts where you mention them. And yes, I floss every day. Twice a day as a matter of fact, if not more.

  4. i think michael s. is right about BRT. i also think he may have a bit of a flossing fetish.

    that said, the bristol riverside link is now active in the original post (and will be in all future posts.)

    however... here's something even more interesting.

  5. You make me laugh. Very hard.


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