Tuesday, April 15, 2008

on the record: the soundtrack of my life

i'm not a big fan of covers or remakes. a mix-tape of original versions is best for me.

there are exceptions to that rule. linda rondstadt's 70's covers (you're no good, it's so easy, when will i be loved, etc.) are just as good as the original versions. and elton john's lucy in the sky with diamonds isn't so much a cover as a tribute.

today, in wandering around the tuesday new releases on itunes, i came across something i'd never heard before. thrillington by percy thrills thrillington is a complete cover of paul mccartney's 1971 album ram done in elevator music style. (percy thrills thrillington is actually a pseudonym for mccartney, and the album was supposed to be released shortly after ram in '71, but was shelved until 1977.)

thrillington makes me feel as though i'm starring in some funky independent film, only i can actually hear the soundtrack. in the film, i'm a little younger and much quirkier than i am in real life. and i paint. or sculpt. and i probably ride horses. otherwise, it's pretty much me.

and it's a good flick!

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