Tuesday, April 8, 2008

shameless frog-promotion

there's this, and then there's this:

(in this video: brian gill, john maclay, paul helm, courtney jones, beth mulkerron, alec aldred, and the ensemble of first stage milwaukee's "a year with frog and toad".)

UPDATE 4/25/08 -- well, the great reviews keep on coming. here's a few snippets (click on the links to read the entire review.)
MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL: "The very best theater for children manages to reach audience members of all ages. Such is the case with First Stage Children's Theater's latest production, the musical "A Year with Frog and Toad."

THE SHEPHERD EXPRESS: "Brian Gill makes for a delightful frog. His pliant figure lends itself well to the role; his cheeriness appears ingenuous rather than irritating. Toad, played by John Maclay, has a more ticklish temperament—the perfect foil to Frog’s perkiness. In fact he’s almost Beckettian in his improbable anxieties..."

VITAL SOURCE MAGAZINE: "From the first moments of song, where Toad, Frog, and Bird chorus sing, “Spring isn’t spring, not without you,” every detail of the production enhances the experience... The simple elegance of this performance underscores the importance of children’s theater while revealing a straightforward message... As this First Stage production marvelously portrays, anyone would be fortunate to discover the priceless gift of friendship..."

THE WAUKESHA FREEMAN: "Some of the entertaining vignettes include the raking incident, the self-conscious swim, the cookie orgy, the letter writing and delivery, the scary sled ride, Toad’s first attempt at gardening and the story hour. Each was so delightful that it would be hard to pick a favorite."

MILWAUKEE MAGAZINE: "The show’s strengths are, well, its charm and simplicity. There’s plenty of that in the new production by First Stage Children’s Theatre...Director Tony Clements is a music theater veteran, and he knows how to keep things springing right along."

"Paul Helm, however, gets the big show-stopper, playing a snail who takes quite a long time to deliver a letter. Helm’s got an aw-shucks manner and a sweet, high tenor that’s easy on the ears. But when he lets loose, it’s a hotcha Broadway moment, bringing smiles to kids and grumpy grownups alike."

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  1. Oooooo. Can't wait to see it. Now which "Frog & Toad" is this again????


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