Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my friend barry's emmy

remember when i saw that emmy out my kitchen window? that's when i first talked about my friend barry's emmy:
"now, i certainly know people who have emmys. please. please. plenty of people...okay i know one person with an emmy. and he lives in milwaukee. my friend barry link...and i've never actually been in the same room as barry's emmy."
and i talked about it again here, referring to this photo:
"this is either a photo of my friend barry's emmy award, OR an elaborately set up shot...designed to look like a photo of the emmy award [out my kitchen window]..."
if you want to be completely up to snuff, click those links, go back and read those old posts. it's important. because i'm in milwaukee now, and i'm getting closer to actually seeing barry's emmy.

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