Thursday, April 3, 2008

kanye northwest

no kidding.

advertising age reports that rapper kanye west has launched his own travel website, ala orbitz or travelocity. coming soon: kanye east, kanye south, kanye north, and kanye get there from here.

(apparently there's some hope that this may be an april fool's joke.
oh and by the way, a mr. c. lyon called for you -- 414-256-5412.)


  1. kanye can blow me.

  2. C. Lyon? Gosh I missed him. He's never there. But I usually ask for Harry Munke...always a good time.

    Boy that Ircink has some busy social calendar...all those people lining up to blow him??? well, good for him, I guess.

    Hope all is well! Congrats on your 17th - that's impressive. How long you in MKE town?




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