Thursday, April 17, 2008

i have a splitting headache

i'm watching the 172nd democratic debate, i'm 40 minutes into it, and no one has talked about any substantive issues yet. not one. not even close.

charlie gibson and george stephanopoulos have asked about bitter and clinging to guns and bosnia and who's willing to be vice president and even jeremiah frigging wright but they haven't asked one question about health care, the war in iraq, the economy, human rights, helping the poor, gas prices, the middle east, or why my prescriptions are so stupid expensive.

the biggest problem isn't george or charlie. it's clinton and obama. if only one of them would turn to the moderators (can we even call them that? they're pathetic. rona barrett would do a better job)...if only hillary or barack would turn to them and say "look, would one of you two monkeys ask a question about something important?"

when asked about obama's bitter comment, dream ballet hillary said, "barack is a good person and we all know what he meant. he's already said he chose his words poorly so why don't we let it go and let's talk about the issues." after she said that, dream ballet tony ran down to his local polling place, banged on the door until they let him in, and voted for dream ballet hillary on the spot.

whoops! i drifted off there. it's kinda late and i'm...a little...sleepy... this isn't happening. i must still be asleep. there's video of a woman asking why obama is not wearing an american flag lapel pin. if the guy isn't wearing or stops wearing an american flag lapel pin it means he's not patriotic or he doesn't love this country?

4000+ american soldiers have been killed in iraq, the planet is heating up like a peep in a microwave, the homeless guy on my front steps is still homeless and on my front steps, and a woman in pennsylvania is focused on whether or not barack obama is wearing an american flag lapel pin. we've just spent ten minutes of a presidential debate discussing the wearing of an american flag pin.

anyone? hello?
somebody wake me up!

i'm moving to japan.
(and yes, lady in pennsylvania, i know -- you'll be glad to be rid of me.)
UPDATE 10:34 a.m. -- i got up this morning and edited this post to remove words like stupid, stupid...oh and also stupid.


  1. one definition of stupid:

    i tell my roommate - who's leaving and i'm babysitting - that i don't trust her six-year-old to be alone with the new puppy. puppy stays in cage while she's out. roommates says about if six-year-old goes IN the cage with the puppy?

    i feel your pain my friend. you are the bigger man though because you at least watched the debate. my patience is already worn thin. if i move to Ireland and you move to Japan, will we be closer than LA and NY?

    is that a stupid question?


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