Sunday, April 13, 2008

get on with it

i am so trying to pay attention to the presidential race again, after taking a bit of a break while working in milwaukee (there were more important things to worry about in milwaukee: frozen custard, fish fries, record breaking snowfall, running into your prom date from 27 years ago) but after several days of forcing myself to watch cnn, i've come the the conclusion that mccain, clinton and obama have all jumped the shark.

i just can't get "re-interested" in it all. why won't they all shut up, stop fighting and get on with it? the sooner we get to mccain/rice vs. clinton/obama (or obama/clinton -- i don't even care who's on top anymore! and if i had a nickel for every time...nevermind) the sooner we'll get somebody elected and the sooner we can get back to paying attention to the really important things. like "happy days" the musical. or guinea worms. or whether or not barrett foa has work.

i know this isn't anything new, but it's amazing to me that the pundits constantly talk about "bitter" or "bosnia" or bullshit like that (and bill, wtf!? shut up! i mean, really? how stupid do you think...nevermind.) instead they should be telling us about john mccain's health care plan (check it out on his website, it sounds fantastic!) or actually examining the differences between obama's and clinton's. and there are differences.

and please! britney just had a terrible fender bender!
did any of you even know that?!
(btw -- she's okay.)


  1. Uh-oh...

    Starting to wonder if "Tuesdays" may have "jumped the shark"? A picture of Fonzi...waterskiing? Isn't that a "post-jump" reference, according to those who know such things. Did I miss something? Did Ted McGinley guest write a post? Whappen?

    In my usual "catching up with Tuesday" time, I could count on our faithful editor to provide a useful nugget or perspective on the candidates, or issues from the "east coast", or MSNBC, or something that I either hadn't thought of, or really, really, couldn't even fathom.

    As well, the drooling, almost frothy enthusiasm for whatever each candidate did or didn't do is catchy, perhaps inspirational, for the rest of us who are doing other things. Okay, maybe it's more like "well, I'm glad SOMEONE finds all this amusing...", but in choosing bliss, one's personal ignorance really requires others to "fill the gap", else bliss turns to confusion...real fast.

    Now, you (and Ircink, in a post-Favre meltdown) are down in the sewer with the rest of us disenfranchised sorts, pining away for a better day, better candidates, or something...perhaps Japanese? Bad news - I don't see Harrison Ford, Bill Pullman, Brett Favre, or even Glenn Close stepping out of the mist anytime soon.

    Come on. Buck up, buttercup. For the six or so of us who read this, you do a great service in pointing us to the appropriate questions, and keeping the banter light, and helping us to form a message. It's a long climb to November - no sense getting bummed now, as it's assuredly going to be much, much worse.

    Off politics, here's a thought. How about revisiting your once over in this post - so how is your PROM DATE from 27 yrs ago doing? Wow. I would think that would make for a much more intriguing analysis than we've had the chance to enjoy. Gotta believe this is more than a "one-liner".

    Enough moping around - get back to work!


  2. post-jump? is the jump. did I miss something? the phrase originates from the episode of happy days where fonzi jumps the shark.

    i saw harrison ford step out of the mist, coming down an aisle at the container store in chelsea and i thought he was going to mount me.

    and hey, while i absolutely love the six of you, here's some good news:

    visits to tuesdays:

    november - 117
    december - 548
    january - 1065
    february - 1935
    march - 2899

    and that doesn't include my own visits!

    whaddya know!?


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