Tuesday, April 29, 2008

book 'em danno, she's five-O

in august of this year, madonna louise ciccone ritchie will be 50 years old. 50. fifty. fifty-fifty-fifty. and she likes to shimmy, do plies, stretch aaand kick! she's a choo-choo charley and a class act. and i'm here to tell you: her new album is the jam. yes, i said the jam. it is also dope, tight, chill, pimp, sick, loose, phat, hella, gnarly, the shit, the crunk, off the hook, off the chain, and wicked fresh hott. and i am so not kidding.

(seriously. did you ever think we'd be talking about madonna at fifty?)


  1. And now, knowing Madonna is almost a 1/2 century, I feel so very old. Tony, do you think we can get Madonna to do this sketch on her birthday?


  2. tommy, i don't know about madonna. but i'd love to see some molly shannon kicking and stretching on SNL again!!

    (btw - that sketch is linked in the original post as well.)

  3. i love madonna. always have - from the VERY beginning.

    i shoulda bought her SEX book when it was retailing for $50 AND in print. anyone have a copy they'd like to sell me???


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