Thursday, April 10, 2008

a few idol questions

i'm not blogging american idol. but i'm watching last night's show and i have a few questions:
1. hey dreads: what are those pesky words to "somewhere over the rainbow"? (okay, okay -- i should be saying "hey iz" since it's his version, but iz is gone and dreads is singing it, so shut up you.)

2. what is going on with paula abdul's boobs in that dress? they're pushed up so high that her chest is half dolly parton, half iggy pop.

3. how long before sigh-yeesh-ugh gets booted and stars in a broadway show?

4. hey david-generic-rocker-dude: what does it mean when you end your song at the "judges" table, i stop looking at you and instead watch simon (he's more interesting) and i end up missing you holding out your hand with "give back" scrawled on your palm?

5. okay, wow: did anyone else see the scrawny ten year old girl in the audience holding up a big sign with david archuleta's picture and the phrase "lick those lips"? gah. ross. (he's still the best one, by the way.)

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