Monday, April 7, 2008

the chocolate nazi

a nice article about my old friend jim fetzer, milwaukee's chocolate nazi. i've known jim for nearly 20 years, he makes some of the best chocolate i've ever tasted, and as a bonus, he regularly pisses off milwaukee's northshore nancies. if you're in milwaukee, you need to pay him a visit. however, leave your fur coat at home, turn off your g.d. cell phone, and take off your dirty f-ing shoes before you go in. and don't bring young children.

UPDATE 4/8/08 -- jim? no northern chocolate website? "i'm a luddite," he claims. alas, no website. but if you're jonesin' for a mint meltaway or a chocolate otter, there is a business phone, and (i'm pretty sure) he will ship to you: 414-372-1885. if you call, expect to hear "jim here" or "yeah?" or "no free samples."

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