Tuesday, April 15, 2008

check your briefs

the faux hawk is dead - completely dead

according to zhuzh it up! the faux hawk is officially dead. if your hair is currently styled in a faux hawk, go to the nearest bathroom and rinse and repeat. do not go out clubbing, do not go to see legally blonde: the musical for the 26th time, do not think for one moment that you're anything but mid-2006. your friends roll their eyes when you walk away and strangers do even worse. you're not david beckham.

pinkberry sucks

according to me, pinkberry frozen yogurt is sucky. i don't care how many toppings you put on it, i don't care if you cover it with captain crunch or cocoa puffs or chopped mango or chocolate chips, it looks like it should be sweet and it's not. it's pretending to be ice cream but it's sour and icky. if you're considering a visit to pinkberry tonight, you should instead go to milwaukee, st. louis, or madison square park and have frozen custard. or stay home and have oreos and milk.

john mccain - not "my friend"

if john mccain calls me his friend one more time i'm going to throw my pinkberry green tea with carob chips at the television and never, ever, ever, ever vote for him. ever. unless he styles his hair in a faux hawk and takes me to legally blonde.

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